Sh.A METAL Presevo as manufacturer offersyou the widest range of boilers and equipment for boiler. Thanks to the work and experience of our proffesional staff and colaboration with designers ....

METAL VM Ltd, was established in 1967, in the first part of their establishment their core activities were not specified, within their activities they had an industry of wood and one of metal, these activities didn’t last long. So this company continued with their industry of processing metal, today on these are still the core activities of our business.

This enterprise lies in an area of 33500 m2, within which is the administration facility as well as the manufacturing department with an area of 2600 m2. In 2011, the legal form was changed from that of the Joint Stock Company to the limited liability company “Metal VM” Presevo, since all assets and legal rights have been transferred to the Mustafa’s family.

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Metal VM

“METAL VM” LLC is a company specializing in the metal processing industry: production of scaffolds, production of central heating boilers for industrial and household purposes, production of reservoirs with different dimensions of capacity starting with 1 ton and up to 100 tons. This company also produces steel construction constructions.

After the privatization, the owners have also invested in the establishment of the gasoline, auto wash and technical control of cars. The next investment started in 2013 and ended on 15.08.2017 with the opening of the shopping center of 5000 m2. All these modern investments are made according to standards that meet all customer’s needs.

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VM Center

During 2017, the next initiative for the modernization of construction scaffolding was undertaken, where it was invested in the purchase of new cars, the robot for automatic welding and the commissioning of many other operations in the production was increased, this increases the efficiency of the work. Despite the willingness of the work and the modern technology, the products of “VM METAL” are dedicated to local and international market needs. Within this company there are over 110 employees, 20 employees are engaged in production, while the rest are distributed to other units of the company. Our intent is to continue with new investments in the future.